Artificial Turf MEMORY D 45 + In Situ

Game Interaction
45 mm
2277 g
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REALTURF MEMORY D45 is an artificial grass made of polyethylene fibers, with six filaments (12 strands) state-of-the-art diamond shaped stitches, two shades of sports green, and memory effect that favors its immediate recovery after each footprint.

It´s 45 mm high, 12,00 decitex, ⅝ gauge between stitches and 14.5 stitches per linear meter, resulting in about 9,200 stitches per square meter and a total weight of 2.277 gr.   Also, the fibers that make up the system have a UV treatment resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Our backing can bear the most demanding tests established by FIFA, with a resistance always  higher than 50 Newtons at the start, thanks to the double backing of polypropylene, which gives the base dimensional stability, and to its latex sealing layer.

  • Shock absorption 55%
  • Vertical deformation 7.1mm
  • Thickness 20mm
  • Weight 13.5 kg/m²

The system is installed on a, leveled base and the grass backing cloths are glued using two component polyurethane adhesive, bonding tape, silica sand filling (round, washed and dried 0.5 to 1.0mm) with 17kg/m² and SBR recycled rubber filling with 0.8-2.5mm granulometry with 9kg/m² included.

The same material, in white 19 cm wide, is used for marking the lines, complying with the regulations of the R.F.E.F. and 7 cm wide in a football 7 field.

Our system meets the optimum standards according to FIFA QUALITY PROGRAMME, obtaining the FIFA QUALITY and FIFA QUALITY PRO standards.

General characteristics of the system:

  • Type: Monofilament section shape “D” strands (12 strands per stitch)
  • Gauge: ⅝ inches
  • Thread Color: Two-tones green
  • Fiber Height: 45mm (±5%)  
  • Fiber Weight: 1.177 g/m² (±10%)
  • Stitches m²: 9,200 stitches (±10%)
  • Thread weight: 12,000 Dtx. (±10%)
  • Total weight: Approx. 2.277 gr/m² (±10%)