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Artificial Turf for paddle tennis courts

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One of the factors that most worries is how the sun to accelerate the deterioration of the artificial turf. Well, even if artificial turf for paddle tennis is exposed for hours to UV radiation, this will not affect the quality of the product.

Meet our collection for artificial turf


Select from the models in our 2017 Collection that includes the following lawn sports designs for paddle tennis courts:



In order to have all the features and benefits offered by our collection, it is important to know the environment where it will be installed and take advantage of the qualities of the product: resistance, drainage, minimum maintenance and comfort in the footsteps in each of the models that you can place for paddle.

Keys to choose sports models of turf


Real turf artificial turf designs are manufactured with advanced technology to suit your matches and facilitate the activity of sports practice. It is essential that you know the guidelines for choosing the most convenient design for the environment.

Firstly, you have three types of artificial turf that are distinguished by the height of the curl: artificial grass of high, medium and short fiber. The length of the fiber in pavements destined to the practice of pádel varies between 10-15 mm.



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