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New trend: Artificial turf on terraces


All year round you can have the best decoration on your terrace with little maintenance. Make up and put artificial turf. There are innumerable advantages of installing these surfaces in open spaces.

Benefits of Artificial Grass on Terraces


Start today to take advantage of your terrace! In many occasions they are places that can go unnoticed, especially in the months that it is colder.

Did you know that putting artificial turf is a trend that is now in fashion? This way you will make this stay of your house much more welcoming.


To achieve an excellent result with greater durability, remember to advise you and select the perfect model. We have artificial grass in different shades and with different characteristics, so that you choose the model that best suits your needs.

Here we give you information about the benefits of artificial turf on terraces:

Custom artificial turf. Highly recommended for private homes, bars, restaurants and different spaces equipped for terraces. You can now customize these zones creating a sense of nature because they are identical to natural herbs.

Designed to withstand the passage of time and inclement weather

Save on your water bills and other maintenance costs, typical of natural surfaces that need to be watered constantly.

Minimal and easy maintenance for longer, improving the decoration of your terrace with this type of artificial turf.


These benefits are present on all Turf artificial turf models. We invite you to take a look at our “New Collection of 2017”, we are sure to surprise you.

Why decorate the terraces with artificial turf?


When you think about renovating these rooms remember the benefits mentioned and the distinctive touch you will bring to your home if you decide to install artificial turf on terraces.

Decorate with this new trend of artificial grass your terrace to achieve a surface similar to natural, but with greater strength and ease of recovery.



The artificial turf supports in all the outdoor places the footsteps of the public in bars, hotels or restaurants.

It is ideal for creating play areas for children due to their high softness.

Create your decorative style with artificial turf for terraces by contacting RealTurf. Our experts can solve your doubts and advise you on everything related to the installation, also regarding the maintenance of the synthetic turf on terraces.


Contact with RealTurf, and we will make you a personalized quote without commitment!

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