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Types of artificial turf. What to choose?



Do you want to install artificial turf on your terrace, garden or on some playground but do not know which to choose? At RealTurf we tell you the guidelines to follow so that you can choose the artificial grass that best suits your needs.

Tips for a correct choice of artificial turf

At RealTurf we have a wide variety of models of artificial turf that fit your ambient. All of them are manufactured to enjoy the rooms where they are installed, especially in outdoor areas.

Some of the main guidelines that will help you select the appropriate artificial turf in each location are:



Identify the environment where it will be placed.



Choose the qualities of the fibers in relation to the utility that we will give.



Be informed of all the varieties created for the different areas where the artificial turf is to be installed.



RealTurf has the most important types of artificial turf and advises you to know which to choose. One main feature to keep in mind is the height of the fibers.



High fibers

Perfect for surfaces such as play areas, gardens of all types and high standing, outdoor environments or swimming pools. We recommend this range in different measures because it brings total naturalness to the environment and is very similar to the natural grass.

This feature is manufactured based on a modern technology that offers greater leafiness and comfort. In addition you should know that it has a fast recovery from footprints and is kept in good condition for longer.



Average fiber

Its measurement is around 35mm. It is your best alternative, without a doubt, if your intention is to design a children’s area where children and pets can play (whether decorating your garden or the surroundings of a private pool). Now your green areas will be perfect!



Short fiber

The intensive use of this range of extreme resistance is advised in places of greater traffic. For example: malls, terraces, pet sites and balconies. When you need an intensive use lawn for spaces of all kinds, remember that curls between 15mm and 25mm are created to withstand satisfactorily the footsteps in environments with large crowds.

Discover our “New Collection 2017” that is thought to fulfill any of your expectations. In addition we will advise you to help you choose the most suitable artificial grass among our best rated models:



Sports collection for all types of games


If you need to install a high performance product, we have carefully manufactured artificial turf types that strictly follow the standards of organizations, such as: IFT, FIFA and others. In this way you can enjoy football, paddle or golf with total tranquility, because the fields will have a surface of maximum softness, longevity and a much simpler maintenance.

When you request our professional service you will be sure to place a product that meets the established parameters while combining advanced technologies for different fields of play. In addition, you can choose the color that you prefer customizing the terrain your way!

Do you know which of these types of artificial turf is best suited to what you need?

For any questions or queries ask us without compromise, our staff will be happy to advise you to choose the design that suits you best and suits your needs.


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