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How to place artificial turf on tiles

cesped artificial en baldosas


If you have a terrace or balcony you are thinking of placing artificial grass on tiles, this will give you a new air and the space will become more welcoming. With the arrival of good weather we all like to enjoy the sun and the outdoors and, if it can be at home, so much better.

Can artificial lawns be placed on tiles?

If you want to place yourself artificial turf carpet and you need it to be very resistant, we advise you about the range of short fiber, which measures between 15 and 25 millimeters are ideal for intensive use.

Here’s how to place it; it’s not a difficult task, but it is necessary to follow a few simple steps. The tools you will need are:


Artificial Turf.


Metal ruler, felt tip pen.

Seaming tape.

Polyurethane adhesive, or self-adhesive band.



Assembly of the artificial turf on tile


Thoroughly clean the surface and spread the grass on the ground (if someone else helps us, the better).

Once we have the first strip extended, mark the cut line with a marker and with the help of a metal ruler

Cut the grass to the desired size with a cutter, then repeat with the other strips of artificial turf until the entire surface is covered. If the last strip does not fit fully, you will have to cut it to fit into the hole.

Next cut the corners and all those areas that overlapped with the cutter.

Raise the lawn slightly from the first two strips and spread the bonding strip over the tile. It can also be made with a self-adhesive band.

Mix the two components of polyurethane until an homogeneous mixture is applied and apply the product to the entire bonding band (it is advisable to use a notched spatula).

Then lay the grass up and put some weight on it until the adhesive hardens. Repeat steps at all joints.

Apply some silicone dots (spray gun) around the entire lawn so the wind does not move it.

To finish the installation it is recommended to brush the lawn with a hard bristles brush so that the fibers recover their original shape, since sometimes they are somewhat crushed during the installation.


Drainage of artificial turf on tile

Usually, the turf carpets are provided with holes for a perfect drainage, this is fundamental since otherwise the area where we place it can be soaked.

Also, it is very important to make an opening on the grass over the drain, not to hinder the pass of water when it rains.

And we already have our artificial turf on tiles installed, now get ready to enjoy it for a long time. It’s fantastic!


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