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Could artificial turf get damaged with sun and rain?

Se puede estropear el césped artificial con el sol y la lluvia


When facing meteorological phenomena, outdoor surfaces with artificial grass can perfectly withstand all variations of the weather, both rain and sun.

The Weather and advantages of Artificial Turf


High resistance to inclement weather, such as frost, sun, snow, torrential or light rains is one of the main benefits of artificial turf.

Drainage system, which will be done at the time of the professional installation, is the key to avoid that possible inconveniences for many years.

Artificial turf will always be your best option when you decorate outdoor spaces. You should not worry about the effect of the sun on your synthetic grass as it is properly protected from the effect of UV radiation with the most modern technologies applied in its manufacture.



When you install artificial turf in your terrace, garden, near the pool or in any other space, it is essential to use the highest quality turf; if so, its strength and durability will never be affected by sun radiation or water, as well as you will not have to worry about footprints, because Realturf products are specially designed for an excellent recovery.

You could be sure that Realturf artificial grass is quite good to bear any metheorological adversity: its drainage will ensure a perfect defense against water accumulation and puddles.


Turf suitable for supporting climate change


At the present moment it is possible to enjoy all the facilities offered by these surfaces, carrying out a minimum maintenance that requires basic care saving water, since it does not need irrigation like the natural one.

Also it is not damaged because, unlike the natural grass, there is no pest that can affect you, that is why we are going to avoid the uncomfortable work of throwing insecticides that can be harmful to our children and pets.

Aside from the savings in your invoice, remember that it is recyclable and you can replace this material at the end of its useful life, since it can be reused fibers that do not deteriorate easily or are toxic elements.

Finally, placing Turf artificial turf in outdoor areas ensures that you do not suffer any problems at any time of the year.

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