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The Artificial Turf for children is the most practical

cesped artificial para niños

The heat starts and is the perfect time to prepare gardens, terraces, balconies, etc. If you’re one of the lucky people who have a broad space for the enjoyment of the entire family, maybe you’re thinking of installing some sort of artificial turf for children to play their games.

There are many types of grass and it is sometimes difficult to know what we will be better. If you don’t know what to choose, we will help you to make a succesful election to adapt your artificial grass to your style and needs.

What kind of artificial turf is better for you and your children?

The first thing we thought when choosing artificial turf for children is that it must be resistant and not lose shape quickly. Furthermore, it is essential wherever easy cleaning. The best in this case will be a synthetic lawn, not worned out with daily use and kept as new for a long time. Another advantage is that they are soft tread so they are very comfortable.

Advantages of Artificial Turf

They do not deform even if we walk on it.

They are suitable for the most delicate skin, avoiding possible skin irritation or allergies.

Not collect insects or bacteria, unlike that often happens with natural grass.

Para su mantenimiento solo necesitarás regarlo cada pocos días y disfrutarás de un césped en perfectas condiciones durante bastante tiempo

Saving water and products, As you do not need fertilizers or fertilizer, as natural grass do, you will make great savings in water and garden products.

Artificial turf for children spaces: a funny touch.

Can you imagine a lawn of colors? Innovations in artificial turf and children include Realcolors, which is manufactured with fibres 100% natural. It is manufactured in 4 cheerful colours: blue, green, yellow and red and conforms to all requirements and regulations that requires a safe Park

Anti-static, the careful composition of its fibers makes load electrostatic not to accumulate on it.

Anti-bacteria treatment gets a lawn free of any kind of bacteria.

Flame retardant, materials that is made of RealColors avoided that you can ignite when accidental exposure to fire. This is very important both in private homes and in public parks.

Damping, additional safety against possible falls, since it offers a damping base that can avoid some injuries.

Quality, this lawn is part of a unique collection that combines new technologies, studying the most suitable combinations for each application. The result is an artificial lawn of an extraordinary quality.


RealColors is a lawn that is specially designed to achieve optimum performance in places where child racking is important. Its bright colors give any space where it is installed. And why not install it in your garden?


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