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Care and Maintenance of artificial turf

mantenimiento cesped artificial


When we plan or make the decisión to install artificial grass, we normally ask ourselvers about the cares and maintenance our grass will need… and we inmediately find out that maintenance of artificial turf is very simple compared to the endeless cares required by natural grass.

Nevertheless, if we follow some basic rules we could ensure that our lawn will always be perfect, even in the face of unforeseen: paint stains, solid waste, etc.

Here you have some tips for a basic maintenance:

Artificial turf cleaning

The artificial grass cleaning is quite simple and requires little effort


Remove dust and debris. You can easily clean your artificial grass with water (you can even use a hose) or brushing its surface.

Remove the dry leaves. The best you can do to remove dry leaves from your lawn is to rake it. But it’s up to you: some people think that dry leaves are an awesome way to decorate his artificial turf.

If you have pets, it is possible that they will sometimes defecate on the lawn. In this case it will be enough to collect the excrement (if any) and to pass the hose under pressure. If you also want it to be completely disinfected, you can mix bleach with water (3%)


Remove stains.

Organic stains, food or beverage stains are easily cleaned using soap and water, then rinsed with the hose and we have it again impeccable.

The chewing gum, although in this case it is not so simple there is no reason to be alarmed. To remove gum from the grass the best tool is ice. For persistent stains you can apply a mixture of water with ammonia (3%) and then rinse the surface with clean water.

Lawn maintenance

There are few things you can do to protect your artificial turf spaces.


Do not park vehicles. No matter if you do it occasionally but you should realice that your turf can be crushed by the constant weight of a vehicle. Besides, the fluids spilled from the car contain very strong chemicals that could spoil and damage the turf.

If we have heavy garden furniture, it is essential not to drag it on the lawn as it could jump the filaments and leave some area without fibers. If you need to move some furniture you can use some carpet: it will avoid damage.

If you do barbecues, you have to take some small precautions. Although artificial turf is fire retardant (if not exposed), exposing it over 80 degrees (when an ember falls) could cause the melting of the yarns.


If you have installed in your garden short fiber lawn like the Oasis model (with technology “MaxRecover“) do not worry too much, they are products for intensive use and characterized by their great resistance. So the Oasis will stay with you for a long time.


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