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Properties of artificial turf

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Do you plan to renovate your garden or your terrace? Want to keep a perfect looking and save? Do you want to give greater security to your children? Do you have a sports pitch that you want to put up? The solution to all these questions is to opt for artificial turf and its properties. Keep reading and we’ll show you everything you’ll get if you switch to artificial turf.

Artificial Turf and its advantages

At RealTurf we have great experience in the installation of artificial turf in all types of surfaces and environments, and we can assure you that with it you will get all kinds of advantages.

First of all, the resistance of the artificial turf makes it a unique, reliable and versatile element that you can install in your garden, on a terrace, around a pool. You can use it in a sports court or in playgrounds. The possibilities are very diverse.

The duration of the artificial turf is another of its great advantages. You will not have to change it so often, you will not have to worry about, not going out every year or having baldness, pests and other similar problems. The investment will be only initial and then you will forget maintenance work such as irrigation, mowing, deworming and much more.

Saving. Without a doubt, another great property of artificial grass is that with it you can save a lot of money in the short and medium term. You will not have to irrigate it, you will not have to repopulate areas that have been damaged or that have been affected by some disease or plague. In this way, you will be able to save a good amount of money every year.

Fourth, artificial turf will allow you to gain in comfort. You can not imagine how nice it is to know that it is there, on your site, that it will fulfill your goals and purposes and that it will not degrade in a long time.

If you opt for one of our lines artificial artificial garden like the RealTurf Nature, you will hardly notice the difference with the natural and you will see a garden that will be the envy of the whole neighborhood.

The fifth great advantage of artificial turf is that it is much more ecological and sustainable than a natural one. You do not need large amounts of water to maintain it, besides, not having to mow, you do not generate residues and you save on fuel. You also avoid using pesticides and pesticides harmful to the environment.

Safety for your kids with artificial turf

Sixth, and not least, artificial turf will be much safer for your children. It is complicated that they can ingest it, you will not find ants or any other annoying insects on it, and your lawn will always be stable, comfortable and padded so they play and do not hurt if they fall.

Among the models of artificial turf for playground that we can recommend you is the Real Colors. It is specially designed for children, and therefore is 100% antistatic, fire retardant and also has antibacterial properties. If that was not enough, it is available in beautiful and flashy colors as blue, yellow, red and, of course, green.

And it brings us to the seventh property: artificial turf is more fun and dynamic than the natural one. It can give you more creative options and will be very enjoyable for the little ones.

A new sporty level with artificial turf

At last, artificial grass has the advantage of adapting to all types of weather and conditions, which makes it fantastic to install on all types of sports fields and to enjoy football, hockey, tennis or even golf in Places where it would be impossible without him. Our Xtreme football model is FIFA certified and ideal for its strength and softness.

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