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Is it necessary to water the lawn?

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Is it necessary to water the lawn?

As we know, one of the best advantages of artificial turf is that you don’t need to irrigate it, but that is only an option and it’s up to you if you want to use the water to make your lawn (your awesome Provenza or Primavera) look splendid

Watering is not a need for your turf but you can use it with some different purposes.

First of all, you can use water to refresh your turf when temperatures are very high. Unlike other materials, Realturf artificial grass has been designed to improve that cooling effect: some special yarns can help to cool the ambient even more so when the lawn has been installed with adequate distribution of silica sand, which is also specifically designed to keep the fresh.


Besides, you can of course use water for cleaning your lawn.

In this case, the water will be an appreciated collaborator of the brush: you can use a hose and a brush to remove dry leaves from your grass. If you remember that you should brush it in the opposite direction to the fall of the fibers you will get magnificent results, not only in terms of cleaning but also aesthetic and regarding to the resilience of the fibers. You should just keep in your mind that an excess of water, or its combination with freezing temperatures, could damage your lawn.

But do not worry about the water. Just think how comfortable could you be a warm summer evening, lying on your lawn, clean, fresh and cool, perfumed, reading a book or just enjoying the sunset sun. It is only up to you.


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