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Color Kids artificial grass and its purpose

Artificial grass is not just a truly resilient grass but a multifunctional and long-lasting grass.

It can be used in all kind of places, as swimming-pools, terraces or gardens, and thanks to Color Kids, now it is absolutely perfect for children playgrounds.

Color Kids artificial turf purpose

It is multifunctional, but it is great for children playgrounds. Decorative Colors Kids artificial grass offers the maximum security. It is a totally trust product that combines five different innovate technologies:

Anti-Static: This technology removes the artificial turf’s static electro charge.

Landscape Eco: This artificial grass is treated with products that avoid bacteria’s emergence.

Max Drain: It has a double drainage, in order that liquids drain faster.

Soft Land: It has a shock pad that allows reduce the impacts over the turf.

Fire proof: It is manufactured with fireproof materials that prevent it from fire in case of a close accidental fire.

Color Kids artificial grass advantages

In addition to its own particularities, Color Kids artificial grass has many advantages:

Economic product. Artificial grass allows money saving and also maintenance saving. By the economic side, installing artificial grass will be a lower investment compared to natural grass.

Simple maintenance. Artificial turf is very easy to maintain, as it just requires to be brushed depending on the use. A much lower effort than natural grass maintenance.

Always in perfect condition. As it does not need water, sun light or any kind of weather, this grass will always be perfect. It can be used at any time of year and any time of day.

Environmental protection. This kind of grass requires fewer natural resources for its maintenance, as it can be water. Besides, it does not require pesticides or insecticides that can pollute the environment.

In Realturf we are ecofriendly!

Realturf’s quality products

Realturf Company offers a high-quality turf, able to resist in perfect condition for many years. A smart product manufactured with the latest technologies, with special care to the details. Without a doubt, a guaranteed turf that makes a difference.

If you have any doubt about the technologies Realturf use, please get in touch with us.

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