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Artificial or natural grass?

El césped artificial se puede combinar con elementos naturales como piedras decorativas o plantas.

Would you like to refurbish your garden, bar or terrace? Discover all the benefits of installing artificial grass.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of natural and artificial grass?

Obviously, there are some differences between artificial and natural grass. You should know them when you decide to change the decoration of your indoor or outdoor areas.

In places that we do not use much as backyards or gardens, we can think that natural grass is a good choice because, possibly, they do not need a big maintenance. But, before deciding, we recommend knowing, previously, the artificial grass’ advantages.

We can find artificial grass in football fields, sport facilities, public gardens or golf courses, but also in many green areas, around swimming-pools and other outdoor spaces. On the other hand, when we talk about indoor decoration, it looks like we usually choose artificial grass because it is brilliant when we want to give a green touch to our home.


Water saving, because it does not need to water every day. Although, in Summer it is recommended to water a bit the silica sand in order to avoid the wear because the high temperatures.

It does not need any fertilizer or mowing.

It requires a minimum maintenance.

It looks like natural grass.

It last longer as the first day.

It is a high technology manufactured product.

It is easy installed in all kind of surfaces.

Better leafiness and different colors.

Total comfort feeling.

Fiber perfect recover after footsteps.


A minimum water expense to keep the grass wet.

Sometimes it needs specialized machinery to cut the weeds that can grow on the surface.

It requires a small maintenance that depends on each case, and sometimes, it is advisable a gardener’s experience.

In Realturf we advise you and solve any doubt you can have about artificial grass. We have all kind of turfs: high pile, medium or low pile. Discover our new collections for sport facilities and children playgrounds.

Choose a modern option with low maintenance to improve your garden’s beauty with affordable prices and high quality.

Now, we have on the market 2019 Collection, with new advantages, from installation to maintenance.

If you don’t have already decided for natural or artificial grass, contact our experts and discover all the artificial turf possibilities, you will be astonished!

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