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Artificial grass, the closest thing to natural grass

Did you know that the new Realturf artificial grass 2019 Collection have the closest looking products to natural grass ever produced?

Besides, it offers many possibilities and advantages compared to natural grass. At this article, we let you know about some of the artificial grass’ features versus the natural grass.


Artificial grass exclusive features

Our new artificial grass range of landscaping products look like natural grass. Therefore, you can benefit of the beautiful and natural look but taking away many of the disadvantages inherent in natural grass.

All Weather Surface

Artificial grass always stays in perfect conditions so you can enjoy your favorite place at any time independently of the weather conditions Vs. Natural grass must have certain climatic conditions to keep it right. It’s very normal to have mud after it rains or yellow grass in warmer times of the year.


Artificial grass fibers are cushioning and offer a comfortable footstep Vs. Natural grass surface can harden by compaction and be abrasive and irregular on the feel.


Artificial grass does not require a lot of maintenance Vs. Natural grass requires an expensive and constant maintenance to keep it in good shape.


Artificial grass does not require water Vs. Natural grass requires lots of watering to keep the grass alive. In addition, requires the use of pesticides and chemicals to protect the grass from getting damaged.


Our most natural models in our Landscaping Range are Comfort and Absolute, both products combine six different shapes and colors on the yarns.  We guarantee that your turf will look like a natural, relaxing, comfortable and safe place to lie down and disconnect from everything.

Our quality artificial grass is always your best choice to install it in indoor or outdoor areas, and for many applications as sport, playgrounds, or landscaping. Don’t think it twice and install artificial grass, makes your life easier, letting you enjoy your time just in the way you like.

If you have any doubt or you would like more information about RealTurf artificial grass, don’t think any more! Contact us and we will help you.

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