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How to difference a high quality turf from a low quality one

Nuestros trabajadores comprueban que el césped que fabricamos esté en perfectas condiciones para el cliente final.

Realturf is distinguished by supplying their customers the best materials. Our customers’ satisfaction is our best gratification.

As follows, we tell you how to differentiate between a high and a low quality turf.

Recovery of the yarn or memory effect

A good grass will keep an upright position of the yarns. In that way, if you bend the fibers and they cannot keep straight, do distrust, it is not a good quality turf. There are two factors that influence directly, the right shape of the yarn Bodyshape Technology, and a strong polymer composition of the yarn MaxRecover Technology

Smooth grass

It is a sign of good quality only if the curly texturized yarn is dense and strong enough. If these both do not come together fibber will flatten and will be expose for a premature damage. Our technology SoftMax provides the softest experience in the market.

If the fiber is too shiny

Normally will impact in the final look of the installation. We must always look for the most natural outcome possible. Realturf artificial yarns use matted components and shape technologies to make sure turf looks as real as natural.

Tuft Lock of the fiber into the backing

In order to achieve a value of at least 30 Newtons of resistance, industry recommendation, is necessary to apply at least a double backing layer.  You must seal the system in order to avoid fibbers pulling out of the backing. Check always the backing, (where green fibers are tufted). If quality is low, this will break down. A high-quality grass will perfectly last for years with a very easy maintenance.

Weight and structure of the product

Usually, the heavier the product is, the higher the price, but besides that, is necessary to check the height, density of stitches and thickness of the yarn. All of them are very important elements to make sure if a turf is high or low quality.


Everybody looks for something that is good and cheap at the same time, but don’t forget about common sense. You will never find a high-quality artificial grass with a ridiculous price, and if you find it, it will probably not be so good quality. Remember that cheap can become expensive as the turf is composed among others by UV stabilizers and is produced to last up to 15 years.


Finally, a company that sells quality artificial grass can always show its certifications. Realturf is audited by ISO 9001, 14001 and 45000. All the products have been tested to meet the highest standards. If a company does not provide you this information, don’t trust.

Realturf carries out all these statements. If you are thinking about installing artificial grass in your garden or terrace, don’t hesitate, get in touch with us. Realturf will provide you the best quality choice to suit your needs.

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