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How to improve artificial grass' smell

If you have pets, you are probably concerned about your garden’s smell and you want to make sure it stays clean. Artificial grass is always a good choice if you go for a good quality product.

Our artificial grass offers a nice texture and a beautiful smell thanks to PetFill Technology and some other special products that will keep your turf always perfect.

Besides, Realturf artificial turf is very resilient, long lasting and comfortable on the footstep. Without a doubt, a pleasure for your senses.


Do you have a pet member in your family?

In Realturf we think about all your family members, including the furry ones. Our PetFill Technology is especially designed for places with pets and it has an anti-odor silica sand infill so you can relax and enjoy.

Maintenance products

Besides, we offer some especial products to refresh the grass smell, they will give an amazing aroma that will make you don’t want to stay in any other place.

Bacteria buildup is not generally a problem with artificial turf that has being cleared frequently. But, if you suspect there are bacteria in your lawn, our Realsmell Enzymatic Cleaner will remove the buildup of bacterial spores. In addition, thanks to its triple effect, it will not only sanitize the surface, it also will help dissipate the static charge and give the surface a smell of freshly cut grass. A lot of our customers use this product and they recommend it.

How to clean animal waste

To clean animal waste, use the Realsmell Enzymatic Cleaner by shaking the product to spray it directly on the surface. Let it act for a few minutes and rub it against the brush to help the grass remain straight.

The Dual Realsmell Enzymatic Cleaner that cleans and eliminates bad odors, produces bacterial enzymes that act to degrade organic matter. After application, the lawn will have a pleasant aroma.

Other tips to keep fresh the lawn

  • Watering the turf from time to time.
  • Use some neutral soap in case of difficult stains.
  • In case of bad odor, you can try to mix some chlorine with water and watering after this.

Just a bit of maintenance will make your turf be always amazing. Do not forget about:

  • Checking from time to time weeds growing.
  • Checking and cleaning the draining system occasionally.
  • If it snows over the turf, clean it up with a wooden shovel.


If you would like more information or you have any doubt about how to maintain your artificial grass in perfect conditions, please contact us and we will be delighted to help you.

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