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Cork or rubber with artificial grass

Artificial grass is a product that makes beautiful and comfortable sports facilities, such us football fields, rugby, hockey, cricket and golf, because of the great adaptation of turf systems to different sports. To decide what kind of artificial grass to install, it is also important to know the materials that make up artificial grass installations. Infill is probably the most relevant one.

There are several possibilities of infills, but the most popular options are Cork and Rubber. Both are applied among the artificial yarns of the turf system, and they have advantages and disadvantages. We explain them as follows.


Cork Pros

100% percent environmentally sustainable.

Infill that comes directly from nature. Cork is totally recyclable as comes and ends up in nature, eliminating disposal costs.


Meets *FIFA Quality standards, perfect player/surface interaction and ball/surface interaction.


Cork provides the lowest temperatures among all the turf/infill systems available. The closest to natural grass.

Cork Cons


Even though performance is optimal at a first stage, with the years the system will lose elasticity and performance and more infill should be added into the surface. It is ideal to combine cork infill with a shock pad under the turf.


The surface will need more maintenance that other type of infills, as the cork can move with heavy rains and extra material should be add over time to keep the right levels of infill on the system.

Rubber Pros

Rubber in artificial grass

It is the most accepted infill mainly because it has the most competitive price/quality.


Infill that comes from recycling rubber tiles, so we are giving an extra life to the product and reduces the demand for new natural rubber and the energy of this production process. Moreover, it is eco-friendly because of the water saving.


Has the best player/surface interaction and ball/surface interaction over time, and it will allow to meet **FIFA Quality standards at any time. Rubber does not accumulate dust and is very stable to UV rays.

Rubber Cons


Rubber provides higher temperatures than cork and other turf/infill systems, so it will need to be watered in high temperatures climates.


The sport facility will have a slight unnatural smell of rubber tiles.

Where to buy it

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