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How to know if a turf is installed in the right way

Every surface requires a different preparation. It is not the same to install artificial grass over terrace tiles, natural soil, for decoration or for a sport application purpose.

There are few important considerations before installing artificial grass that will need to be followed carefully:


Base preparation

A good base preparation is necessary for a perfect turf system: the ground must be completely flat, weeds, stones, plant and everything else must be removed. This will avoid shapes under the turf that may break the turf in the future. Base preparation is especially important in large sport areas where the ground must be completely perfect for the player in order to interact and avoid possible injuries caused by an underperforming system.

Drainage system

A drainage system is recommended to be installed to drain the water and avoid paddles and humidity. A good drainage system is hygienic, and it will make a longer lasting life for artificial grass too. Besides, it will give steadiness and uniformity. MaxDrain Technology gives our artificial grass products a superior drainage of liquids and dirt, doubling the draining capacity of the turf. This technology makes the product ideal for pets, keeping the turf always perfect.

Clean up

Weeds or dirt must be cleaned up before installation. Indoor and outdoor installations have similar steps to follow.

Corners and joints

Fix corners and joints. These two points are very important to keep the turf perfect for longer time.

A poorly installed artificial grass will get irregular, uncomfortable and it will lose beauty and consistency over time. A high-quality turf and a good installation will make a longer lasting life for artificial grass surfaces.

There are very detailed tutorials that explain how to install your turf over natural soil and terrace tiles that you can easily follow, but we always recommend you to involve a Realturf certified installer in the ground and turf installation. We are near you.

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