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Determining aspects in the price of artificial turf

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Artificial turf is trendy, and there are many advantages that make more and more people decide to decorate their gardens with it rather than placing natural grass or other types of outdoor coatings.

Among these advantages we can find that artificial turf is suitable for any weather, keeping its perfect green all year round. It is economical and sustainable since, not requiring the maintenance of a natural lawn, we will be saving on water. It is also an ecological element bacause it can be recycled and / or reused. It can be placed on many floors, either hard or soft, and in areas away from sunlight and is easy to clean and is also anti-allergic.

Due to all these benefits, it is logical that the cost of the artificial turf becomes a little expensive, for that reason we must see it like an investment and not an expense. In this sense, we have considered it necessary to draw up a list with certain aspects that may contribute to the increase of artificial turf prices. To know how much the artificial turf costs we must look at the following factors


The type of fiber and color variety in the price of artificial turf

Fiber is the material of which the grass is composed. On one hand, there is what is called filler or curly fiber. This is usually brown and beige tones and is used to give consistency and density to the product. A greater amount of curly fiber and more variety in color indicates a higher quality in the lawn and, therefore, a higher price. An economical artificial grass usually has little of this fiber.


The height and shape in the price of the artificial turf

For height, we must look at the high fiber, as it will depend on it, as well as the memory effect. The high fiber is conditioned by the shape of the same and by the existence or not of the internal reinforcements. Although most artificial lawns are composed of flat monofilaments, there are also models whose monofilaments have a “C” or “S” shape, as well as a central nerve that gives it more strength and memory effect


How to decrease investment when buying artificial turf

If we prefer a product of superior quality, there are ways to reduce costs that do not have to do with the type of lawn. One of these forms is by performing the installation of the lawn yourself. It may seem like an arduous task, but with the help of friends and family everything is much easier and more enjoyable. In addition, today there are numerous on-line tutorials and DIY programs with which to get an idea of ​​the steps to follow to achieve the best result. Do not think about it anymore and presume the garden right now in your home.


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