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Are artificial turf and pets compatible?

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If you have a garden, terrace, balcony or any place where you want to put artificial grass, you are even wondering if it is compatible with your dog or cat. Well, the answer is yes, pets on artificial turf do not have to be a bad combination as long as you have minimal care and you choose a suitable lawn.

Artificial turf is widely used, and this is because it is very practical, durable and versatile. There are homes that even put it in the interior, creating environments of the most original, but in this case (if there are pets) you must choose a turf that is primarily resistant.



What type of lawn to choose?

Among the different types that exist in the market, the most recommended if you have any companion animal are 100% synthetic as they are especially resistant, in fact, are the most used in sports spaces or playgrounds.

From RealTurf we especially recommend 2 types of artificial turf to create an idyllic play area for your pets: medium-fiber artificial turf and short-fiber artificial turf


Advantages of synthetic artificial turf


Do not wear out with daily use, dogs can run, walk or scratch and the lawn will always look like new.

Pets feel very comfortable since the footprint is softer than over the tiles.

Unlike natural grass, there will be no insects or bacteria here.


Avoid irritations and bad reactions on delicate skin

It is in good condition for about ten years

Maintenance is practically zero. If you water it every few days, it will remain in perfect condition.

Now, do not forget to have a pet (although they usually look for other places to do its business), it is easy to ever urinate or crawl on the lawn and this can cause bad smell. Let’s see what we can do in case this happens.


Clean the lawn


To clean the stool it will be enough to remove them and to pass a little of water and soap (to be removed daily).

If your dog urinates on the lawn, passing the hose with water will be enough to keep it clean


If you also want to disinfect the lawn, it will suffice to mix and apply bleached lye with water. We advise that during this process keep pets and children away from the lawn until it is completely dry, thus avoiding possible allergic reactions.

There are also specific antibacterial solutions on the market for artificial lawn and pet gardens that are applied dissolved in water. It is recommended to use some of these products from time to time children and pets share space in the garden.

As you can see, with the artificial grass you can create an excellent space for you, your family and also for your pets to run and play outdoors.

Install artificial turf in your garden and enjoy good weather with your own!


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