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Care for artificial turf in spring

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The numerous advantages offered by artificial turf, after installation, are increasingly encouraged to decide on this material. Respect for the environment, high savings in water bills and easy maintenance will ensure that a minimum of care is sufficient to maintain an artificial turf in perfect condition.

If you follow basic tips, proper cleaning and proper maintenance, the care of the artificial turf will not pose any problem. Its useful life will be prolonged and its appearance will not be affected.

Cleaning our artificial turf

The artificial grass cleaning is very simple, and is done quickly, following a few simple indications.


The stains must be cleaned at the time they occur. As this will prevent them from drying out and the appearance of the lawn will be affected


To remove any object is convenient the use of a rake. Whether it’s dry leaves, paper or food, dragging it will not start the lawn or spoil it.


When outdoors without cover it is usual for the wind or rain to leave dust, bugs or (residues) that can get into the filaments. Clean it smoothly with a hose and a slight brushing.


For daily stains we will only have to wash it with water and soap to eliminate the residues. In case of hard incrustations we can reduce ammonia in the water and brush. It clarifies abundantly.


If there are pets at home, it is inevitable that they do their needs on the lawn. In this case, we will proceed to clean with soap or lye lowered with water to disinfect while we clean.



Artificial turf maintenance


Water it once a month. When summer comes, to help us lower the temperature, we can do it more often without suffering consequences.


For specific depth cleanings use some specific product. Some that help you to clean the lawn and eliminate the bacteria that the usual washes do not eliminate.


A good brushing is often advisable. It must be made in the opposite direction to the filaments, to raise them and to be able to clean the smaller residues..



Tips for artificial turf


There is no problem in having specific furniture for gardens, however, it is better to move than to drag so as not to damage the fibers.


If you cook in the barbecue it is enough to put a material that serves as protection, between the lawn and her. Being flame retardant will not burn, but there may be marks, if embers or utensils fall at a very high temperature.


You can avoid weeds with a containment mesh that should be placed at the time of installation. If not, there are herbicides that kill them before they give problems.



If you follow these precautions, the maintenance of artificial turf will always look bright, clean and natural looking.


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