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Indoor decoration with artificial turf

decoracion cesped artificial

You can already create incredible atmospheres of great sophistication and elegance with the artificial grass in all the interior stays of your house. This will give your home a custom style.

Artificial turf for your interior decoration

As you know, RealTurf has the new RealTurf 2017 Collection that adapts to all tastes to put artificial turf at home. More and more people join in the fashion of moving nature into the interiors of the rooms.

From now on, you can unleash your creativity and turn every space into a proposal that is cozy, fun, interesting and able to reflect your own style, integrating different ideas of decoration with artificial turf. We help you get the best results with a special touch.

In both rooms and lounges the artificial grass brings a feeling of greater freshness and naturalness integrating perfectly in the environment giving a 180 degree turn to the rooms of your home. For example, the new colored artificial turf is an ideal bet to break with the rules and mix classic styles with a very elegant avant-garde air.


Indoors it fit with cushions, furnishings and accessories, providing warmth ambients when you install artificial turf rugs. All models of decorative lawn are designed to blend with the classic lines of furniture and can be installed on walls and floors, covering different interior floors.

Why decorate with artificial turf?

Firstly, you will enhance the look of your home with a spectacular touch of modernism. So you can create stays with colors and textures that combine with the rest of decorative elements. For example: placing an artificial lawn carpet in the bathroom.

At RealTurf we have a wide variety of models for your home, bar, office or local that allow you to follow the classic, minimalist, rustic or avant-garde lines of your furniture to decorate with synthetic grass.

If you plan to renovate your living room, children’s room, playroom and other interior spaces do not hesitate to choose the advantages of decorative artificial turf. You can also work in a more pleasant and warm place with an innovative proposal when putting artificial turf.

Still do not decide for the decoration with indoor artificial turf? Our professionals solve your doubts and advise you the best options for all environments. There is a type of artificial turf to measure, request your budget in RealTurf.


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