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Installation of artificial turf on land

cesped artificial sobre tierra

The process of installing artificial turf on land in your garden, green areas, terraces, depends on following the appropriate steps to ensure its durability.

How to install artificial turf on ground surfaces?

We explain to you the best way to put artificial turf on land and detail the procedure to follow for a correct placement.

In your garden the first thing will be to remove the vegetation, remains of stones, roots or natural grass, leaving it totally clean of shoots

After preparing the ground will be necessary to install these meshes to prevent the birth of weeds and improve drainage that ensures protection at the base.

Place the rolls of artificial turf on the surface you need to cover and extend them to ensure that you take advantage of them correctly. Then place the pieces in identical directions and cut out the unique areas as shrubs, light bulbs, sprinklers, etc.

There are two options for installing artificial grass on the ground. On one hand, you can spread the PU adhesive over the entire surface and make the band placement.

As a second alternative you can extend the artificial turf directly by taking off the self-adhesive strip, in this way you will create a single piece.

Finally, we recommend placing artificial turf on soil filling with silica sand to avoid irregular areas and facilitate the subsequent maintenance in any of our models.


Remember not to adjust too much the cuts to do it in the last phase and to be especially careful with the placement in the joints, leaving a margin of 2 to 3 mm as separation. Thus, you guarantee that there are no spaces in the gardens and terraces, adding an added value to your decoration.



As expert professionals we believe that it is essential to carry out the filling of the surface of the artificial turf with silica sand, mainly for the following reasons:


It favors a greater weight of the roll giving the support of better conditions


It helps to always maintain the curls and recover their vertical position with the brushing.


Supports moisture better in summer when watering


Increases the life of the product and brings a quality finish to the entire surface.


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