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Electricity and artificial turf: discover how to avoid the hassles of static electricity

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At first glance, it may seem that electricity and artificial turf are concepts that do not have much relation to each other. However, when installing artificial turf, it is possible that the formation of static electricity on the surface is a nuisance for us. Then we will give you useful and simple advice to prevent their formation; Or, if it has already been generated, what to do to eliminate static electricity from the artificial turf.

Why is static electricity generated in our artificial turf and how can it affect us?

Static electricity is nothing more than the accumulation of electric charge that occurs naturally in elements with poor conductivity. To understand it in a simple way, we can say that the materials have, in their composition, a small electric charge that is maintained in equilibrium; but when this equilibrium is broken (by contact with other materials, influence of temperatures, pressure, etc.) it accumulates; and, when it comes into contact with a conductive material, the excessive charge is released.

Since artificial turf is an element with practically no conductivity and is normal to be in contact with other elements, the formation of static electricity is very common. But how can static electricity buildup on artificial grass affect us? The answer is very simple: in the form of small cramps, something that, despite not being serious, can be annoying for us.

How can we prevent the formation of static electricity in our artificial turf?

The first of the tips to avoid the accumulation of static electricity is to throw silica sand when we place our artificial turf. Lashing with silica sand, the grass is not only recommended to avoid static electricity, but has other advantages, such as giving stability to the fibers.

Another tip to avoid the formation of static electricity is to place an iron (often, copper recommended) nailed to the ground; that way, ground become a conductor and it will absorb the electric charges, eliminate them and redirect it towards the earth.

Simple formulas to eliminate the static electricity of the artificial turf

It is always advisable to water artificial grass, if the environment is very dry; or apply a solution of water and fabric softener (which we use to wash clothes), which can be useful for solving our problem of static electricity.

In the event that the above has not worked or if we simply prefer an alternative, we should know that there are several products with antistatic function that can be found in specialized stores.

Finally, we must always take into account that the formation of static electricity changes a lot according to the environment; so the formula to eliminate it can work better or worse, based on their climatic conditions.


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