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Sports artificial turf: the golf courses

cesped artificial en campos de golf


Throughout its more than 50 years of history, artificial turf has been developing technical improvements that have made it reach a great quality, becoming a very good option when considering its installation in various spaces.

There are many advantages in using synthetic turf. One of the most important, from an economic and environmental point of view, is the evident saving in water consumption. In addition, the requirement of care and maintenance is minimal and presents a great durability, and that is why the initial investment will be soon amortized.

The infinite possibilities of synthetic turf

The uses we can give artificial turf are many and varied, and each one can find his own analyzing their needs, tastes and preferences, always seeking to make the best of the many possibilities that the sector offers us.

With the synthetic grass we can get from giving a natural touch to our garden or terrace, to perimeter our pool, give a plus of cushioning to a playground, decorate public areas like roundabouts or traffic circles, or apply it to various sports facilities.

We have a wide range of qualities with specific features that could be adapted to each concrete project. With variations in the height of the fibers, in the density of the thread, the colors and tones … we get the combination that fits perfectly to your needs.

Artificial turf for sports use

Everyday you can find more and more applications of artificial turf in the sports field. Its damping capacity, its softness and its great resistance make it the ideal investment for a sports installation that demands a maximum level of performance.

One of the most widespread uses is that of artificial turf on soccer fields. To the aforementioned advantages, we must add the incredible savings in terms of care, since the cost of maintaining artificial turf in football makes a big difference compared to that of an organic turf field (a large playing field Dimensions that need a significant expense of water, products, gardening staff …).

Both classic tennis and a trendy sport like paddle already benefit from the advantages of installing synthetic grass on their slopes, which offers a comfortable play and a good behavior of the ball.

But if there is a sport inherently linked to grass, that is golf. With our artificial artificial turf you can enjoy a private golf course with a very low maintenance cost (not only in money but also in time). After preparing the ground with gravel, drainage and insulation, and planning the design, we can install an authentic golf green in your garden, so that you enjoy your favorite sport in the comfort of your home and the company of yours. Forget the lawn mower, paying heavy bills for water, fertilizers, fertilizers and pesticides, or having to hire a gardener. With our lawn you can forget the tedious maintenance and limit yourself to improving your swing

Cada vez son más las aplicaciones del césped artificial en el ámbito deportivo. Su capacidad de amortiguación, su suavidad y su gran resistencia lo convierten en la inversión ideal para una instalación deportiva que exige un nivel de rendimiento máximo.


Take Advantage of Installing Artificial Turf

As we have seen, there are many contexts in which we can install synthetic grass and take advantage from the first moment all the advantages that offers us. Economy, comfort and aesthetics come together to make the artificial turf the best option.

The world of sport is already making the most of our artificial grass, take advantage of it by installing your own golf course at home without spending a fortune in maintenance or waste a drop of water. Who said that you could not have everything?


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