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Nine reasons to install artificial turf in public places

El césped artificial es la mejor manera de mantener las zonas públicas, ahorro de agua y bajo coste en mantenimiento.

When Summer comes, swimming-pools and public places get ready to receive visitors. For this reason, decoration is very important, and artificial grass is one of the elements that make our cities look extraordinary.

A key difference between artificial turf and natural turf is that, in the end, natural turf breaks down because the large amount of people walking on it. Therefore, if a town wants to cut back its expenses considerably, it must install artificial grass.

Why must we install artificial grass in public places?

Looks like natural grass

Artificial grass looks like natural grass. So, it looks beautiful in outdoor public places.



Environment care

As regards the environment, artificial turf is recyclable, reusable and it doesn’t pollute. In addition, as it needs very few water, we save money, and of course, we look after our planet.

Low maintenance

It is easy cleaned and maintained. For this reason, we can save time, and money again. With an easy brushing, we can eliminate all the bacteria that are formed in the grass. Watering is not essential, but it is recommended from time to time. Besides, in the hottest season, we can enjoy a fresh feeling when we water it.


Other advantage is that artificial grass is fireproof: if there is a fire and touches the turf, it will immediately put out.

Good for any weather

It is good for any weather. With a minimum maintenance, its green color will be kept during the whole year, summertime included. This is one of the most important reasons to install artificial grass, besides the huge money saving.

All kind of surfaces

Other advantage is that it can be installed on all kind of surfaces, both soft and hard, as soil or concrete. We can find artificial grass on playgrounds, town roundabouts or around swimming-pools.


Another important fact to consider, is that artificial turf is anti-allergic. Thus, people who like to lie down on their city gardens will not have any problem. Pets and children will love it!

No need sun light

As it is an artificial element, it doesn’t need sun light to grow. Therefore, it is a good option to install artificial grass on shaded areas.


Finally, it is important to say that artificial grass is non-skid, so you will not have any slide when you walk around your town public swimming-pool. In addition, artificial grass cannot be damaged by chlorine, so this will be a big saving.

Kinds of artificial grass

There are different kinds of artificial grass, with high pile, medium pile or low pile, between other features. Moreover, we will not use the same turf in a pub terrace that around a public swimming-pool. Depending on the place, the turf will have some qualities or others. Accordingly, if you want to install artificial grass around a swimming pool, you will have to install one with a high draining capacity in order to drain the maximum possible amount of water. Realturf products have a double drainage system, thanks to MaxDrain Technology. Besides, this kind of turf also avoids icing.

Where can we install artificial turf?

Nowadays you can install artificial turf in almost any place. Maybe you may be surprised to know that the new trend is to install it on walls. Other places you can install it are:

  • Football fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Paddle courts
  • Children playground
  • Gardens
  • Malls
  • Roofs
  • Roads, roundabouts
  • Parkings
  • Swimming-pools
  • Walls


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