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Basic accessories that every terrace should have

Las sillas de terraza son n perfecto complemento para tu jardín de césped artificial.

Warm weather is here and we are sure that you are starting to enjoy your terrace, having a sun bath and relaxing on your Realturf artificial grass. Nevertheless, you must know that you can do something else to improve your leisure area.

How to get an ideal terrace?

There are some basic accessories that every terrace must have. Do you know what they are? We explain as follows:

Outdoor furniture

Get some attractive and useful outdoor furniture. Normally a table, chairs and some shelves will be put on. We recommend wood furniture. Artificial turf and wood are a brilliant choice and a smart way to design your terrace.

Candle pots

If you put some candle pots on a table, it will be a perfect complement to light the place. It will give an intimate touch by nightfall. Your terrace will be your favorite place, day and night!

Outdoor plants

We aim you to put some outdoor plants on your terrace. It will look more natural. There is a wide range to choose, you will find the perfect plant for the perfect place!

Your artificial grass terrace, your best choice

You should know that having an artificial turf terrace is very good news. It has a wide range of important advantages:

Always ready to use

It will always be ready to use, because it is fireproof, drains perfectly and it has a temperature changes resistance system. You will be able to walk barefoot without any problem, you will not get burnt!

Beauty and natural look

Artificial grass esthetic beauty and its natural grass look will make your terrace be an original and decorative single place.

Low maintenance

Besides other advantages, maybe the most important one is that you will keep your terrace always perfect without any effort. Just a quick brushing and some water from time to time will be enough to have a beautiful terrace ready to use any time.

If you would like more information about artificial turf or you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to help you.

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