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Realturf works to give preferential treatment to their customers. That is why we are always interested in using the latest technologies and the best materials. Therefore, Realturf has worked for the last years in NANOSPORT project, in collaboration with Institute of Biomechanics from Valencia (IBV) and other companies. This project aims to develop and improve sport products with nanomaterials.


The conclusions got through this research are that using nanomaterials:

Reduces PE friction with synthetic leather and silicone by 17,2%.

After bending, it increases the material’s resilience by 18%.

The research results are very positive because thanks to nanomaterials:

Security increases

Users’ security will be increased, as risk of suffering abrasion during falls will decrease.

Fibers resilience increases

Fibers will keep vertical for longer and as consequence performance will improve.

Performance increases

Users’ performance will clearly increase. Adding nanomaterials to artificial turf will improve its functional properties.

Durability increases

Artificial turf’s durability will increase, and maintenance will decrease.

In conclusion, Realturf produces quality and innovative products, and NANOSPORT Project is just an example of it.

If you would like to know more about this project and Realturf, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you about the best artificial grass for your needs.

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