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Swimming-Pools with Artificial Grass

Summer is almost here and you want to have your garden and swimming-pool ready for it. As you want a comfortable footstep when you get out of your pool, you are looking for a good choice that can save money and time for you.

The product you are looking for is artificial grass for swimming-pools. Which one is the most suitable for this? Is there a special type of artificial grass for swimming-pools?

As follows you will find some basic recommendations.

Criteria to choose the best artificial grass for your swimming-pool

Not all kinds of artificial grass are designed to be located around a swimming-pool. Here are some tips that you should follow to choose the best artificial grass for your pool:

Chlorine and chemical products resistant. Using these products should not damage the artificial grass. In Realturf we have developed Longlife Technology that gets a fiber’s longer life. Your garden will be brilliant for a longer time.

Non-skid. It is very important that artificial grass does not slide. In Realturf we manufacture our turfs with the latest technologies in order to get the highest quality turfs.

Drainage. If artificial grass has a good drainage capacity and a quick dry it will avoid paddles in your garden. Realturf products have MaxDrain Technology, a double drainage system that gets dirty and liquids drain really quick.

Fiber recovery. Is your pool a removable or an inflatable-pool? Are you going to put some furniture on your artificial grass? When you remove all these items from your garden or terrace, your artificial grass must recover its initial position with an easy brushed. With our system BodyShape and MaxRecover Technology we get a better softness, and, moreover, a maximum fiber recovery. The combination of different polymers ensures that the fiber is always upright.

Fireproof. Besides, if you have a barbecue in your garden, you can be relaxed, because Realturf artificial grass is fireproof thanks to FireProof System.

Kinds of artificial grass for swimming-pools

In Realturf we have a wide range of artificial grass for gardening in our Garden Collection where you can find some specific Swimming-pool products. You will find the right one for your needs.

For gardens and swimming-pools with an intensive use, you we recommend you to choose the best fiber recovery, such as our Oasis product. It is our leafy and smooth product.

Do you have pets at home? Then you should choose a great drainage capacity, such as Terranova product. It is special for gardens, play areas with pets, private and public pools, green areas, terraces and high standing restoration.

If you have children, then you need to choose the best softness. In Realturf we have developed ColorKids. It is the best choice for children thanks to our Softland System that will cushion their drops. Besides, this collection has a wonderful range of colors. You won’t know which one to choose!

Artificial grass advantages for outdoor gardens

Why is a good idea to install artificial grass in outdoor gardens? These are some advantages:

Saving. As you will not have to mow it or water it. Just a bit of water and a quick brushed from time to time will be enough to keep it perfectly.

Resistent. Realturf artificial grass will be allright and ready to use with any kind of weather. It does not need any rain or sun.

Durability. Artificial grass will last at least 10 years with a little of maintenance. You just need to follow the manufacturer´s advice.

Eco-friendly. It does not need any fertilizers and it needs less water than natural grass, so it is eco-friendly.

Realturf artificial grass allows you to have a natural look around your swimming-pool with a lot of advantages. Don’t doubt anymore!

Please get in touch with us and we will help you choose the best option for your needs.

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