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What is artificial grass' memory effect?

Artificial grass’ memory effect is the recovery capacity that fiber has to return to its original position no matter how much it is used. This is a feature that not all kinds of artificial grass have. We need a high-quality range and a good quality brand to get a complete artificial grass recovery after every use. With Realturf artificial grass you will have this guaranteed.

Why is artificial grass’ memory effect important?

Imagine a situation in which artificial grass has an intense use, for example, a football field, a hotel’s swimming-pool in summer, a multisport track in an urbanization or a nursery playground. The transit in these places is continuous, in some cases they can even have a bigger pressure than just constants steps. As regards the football, the artificial grass suffers from kicks, slips and drops. All these are testing its quality and recovery capacity.

Artificial grass with memory effect will always be able to return to its original position almost immediately. Nevertheless, just high-quality artificial grass companies can get this, and we are proud to say that Realturf is one of them.

Realturf artificial grass is perfect for intense use

Realturf artificial grass’ memory effect is one of the best qualities of our products, in fact, it is one of the best in the market. Our product Realturf Xtreme is a high-performance product. The combination of the technologies used, makes it the soccer turf for excellence. It is manufactured under FIFA parameters for artificial turf field and it can withstand more than 120.000 usage cycles, providing the installation with a great durability.

MultiNerve Technology. Xtreme has three nerves, two lateral and one central, with fibers of 400 microns. This product recovers almost immediately.

MaxRecover System. This system developed by Realturf modifies the composition of the fiber giving the product a maximum recovery. The combination of different polymers ensures that the fiber is upright.

LongLive Technology has managed to considerably extend the life of this product exceeding 6.000 cycles according to the latest FIFA regulations in Lisport XL.

SoftMax Technology, is the technology developed by Realturf go give the fibers an extreme softness.

Applications and use

High competition or recreational use Football fields. The softness of its polymer and the recovery of its fibers make it the ideal surface for any type of sport surface.

If you would like to have more information, please get in touch with us. We can refer you to a great number of fields installed around the world with our football products. All of them delighted with our artificial grass.

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