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What is the useful life of artificial turf?


This is the big question that everyone asks when they want to buy artificial turf. The truth is that the useful life of the artificial grass varies according to the use that is given to it. You can give it a domestic use or an sport use, as artificial turf is often used to set up sport facilities like soccer, paddle tennins or golf pitches or even to decorate nursery schools.

Duration of artificial grass in the Sports Collection

In these cases we can speak of an average life span of ten years. It will all depend on the frequency and intensity of the use. Maintenance is another important factor to consider. In this way, as much cares you take, more durability but, in a broad sense, your lawn can preserve its virtues along ten or more years.

Unlike the Sports Collection, the domestic lawn does not require maintenance with machinery or specialized personnel. It is sufficient to apply cleaning product for artificial turf, we recommend it as a hygienic measure, and brush it to give your lawn an splendid look

Artificial turf life cycle in the Garden Collection

In this case the useful life of the artificial turf is greater than in the sporting case and it is between twelve and fifteen years, depending on the use and maintenance that is given.

Unlike the Sports Collection, domestic lawn does not require special maintenance. It is enough to water it, although it is not necessary, but we recommend it as an hygienic measure and pass a sweeper brush to give volume and body to the lawn.

Artificial Turf maintenance

These types of lawns do not require a specific cleaning, it is not necessary to wash it with soap. We recommend watering only by removing dust that can settle on stems or fibers. In addition, the artificial turf of Real Turf Company is fireproof, so it can be installed next to the barbecue with total quality and safety.

The most practical applications of these lawns are for gardens, terraces, swimming pools and lofts. In addition, artificial turf is designed and guaranteed to resist UV rays effect. Another frequent question is if the chlorine in your pool discolors the lawn; The warranty also ensures that this will not happen.

On the other hand, having a pet does not affect the duration of the artificial turf. Products like Oasis or Terranova are antibacterial, so your children could share play space with pets. In addition, when we brush the grass, it will also remove the hairs that they can leave. Assuming pets do their bowel movements on the lawn, do not panic, simply clean with water and bleach or non-abrasive soaps. For specialized cleaning products contact your nearest RealTurf dealer.

We are assure that if you follow these tips, you will always have a lawn like the first day.

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