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Artificial turf Warrington

Thinking of buying artificial grass in Warrington? At RealTurf we have the widest and highest quality selection of synthetic turf in West Manchester. Our same-day shipping will ensure no delays and quick response for your landscape project.

We are the professional´s choice so...

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We create Your favourite place

At Realturf, we are driven by wellbeing, helping you to save time and providing you with a space that meets your needs. That is why we have a wide range of products with different characteristics and technologies applied to make them suitable for different types of installation.

Discover Realtech Ⓡ

Technologies to achieve a more resistant, more durable and more adapted to you product.

Your sport surface

Increase the performance of your pitch with our artificial turf. No matter what your favourite sport is, at Realturf we have a collection of sports products adapted to your interests and intensity of play. Our products are approved by FIFA, in the case of football, or by the FEP (Spanish Padel Federation) in the case of tennis and padel products.

Artificial grass manufacturing

We manufacture our products to improve quality and functionality with the lowest environmental impact.

Artificial grass guarantee

We are so sure of the quality of our products that we have a guarantee of up to 10 years.

Realturf experience

20 years of experience dedicated to improving our products day by day.

REALTURF Warrington

REALTURF Warrington

Unit 3 Lilford St ,
WA5 0LS - Warrington (Cheshire)

Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm in the winter – 8am to 5pm in the summer

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    Install it Wherever you want...

    Installing on land

    Installing artificial grass on land is a somewhat complex process since the surface must be previously leveled. That is why we recommend you contact your local installer, so that they can solve your doubts and assist you as necessary.

    Installing on paving

    Installing artificial grass on paving, we must first clean the surface. On our website you will find a basic installation guide so that you can do it yourself step by step.

    Installation on cement

    The installation of artificial grass on concrete or cement is usually a very simple process since the surface normally does not need a previous treatment. If you have any questions or queries, you just have to contact us and we will help you with everything you need to install your artificial grass.

    Installing on a wall

    Installing artificial grass on a wall can be a more complex process when done vertically, it is recommended that this installation be carried out by a professional. We will put you in contact with our specialised installers.

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