The decoration of terraces and similar spaces with artificial grass offers endless possibilities and many advantages:

  • Simple installation
  • Unexpensive maintenance
  • Lasting durability
  • High quality and perfect conditions all year round
  • Comfortable
  • Natural looking
  • It can be combined with other materials and decoration elements

Do you want to know what are the latest trends in artificial grass decoration?  In this post we propose the latest: walls, halls, terraces, furniture, carpets and endless ideas that will surprise you.


Decoration trends using artificial grass

  • This year creating small spaces where you can disconnect from work, mobile phones, iPads is a growing trend. A small indoor garden can be the perfect place for this. You can create a small garden in any room of your house, whether it´s a small room, a hall, a terrace or a corner of the house – any space will be perfect. Its color and beauty will give you a sense of peace and relaxation.  You can complete the perfect environment by placing natural plants and flowers.
  • Decorate the walls with artificial grass. Forget about boring flat walls.  Painting walls with different colors without taking too many risks in decorating used to be a trend.  The coming trend is to bet on originality and add fun and innovative materials to the walls.
Artificial grass wall


Artificial grass is an excellent choice for this purpose.  This trend has been strongly growing over the years.  Decorating walls with artificial grass is very simple, you can use it in any room both indoors as offices and gyms, as well as outdoors in terraces, patios, gardens, etc.

Create vertical gardens indoors or outdoors.  If you combine them with natural plants hanging in pots or wicker baskets, you´ll create an original and unique space.

If you want to be more original, you can use colored artificial grass.  Lining the walls with colored artificial grass will give those spaces a special and natural touch.

Another advantage is that the exterior walls lined with artificial grass are a great insulator for any house or building.  Therefore, they help reduce energy consumption, making more energy efficient houses.

  • Colored artificial grass. Artificial grass in different colors is a trend that helps create fun and eye-catching spaces: training areas, children´s play areas, etc.  In Realturf, we have ColorKids, which is made with the latest technology in terms of softness, safety and sustainability.  You can choose any of our five colors: red, yellow, blue, green and black.
  • Artificial grass used as a decorative element. You can use it to line objects, logos, use it as a carpet or a doormat.  It will give a touch of color and originality to different areas.
  • Ideas for terrace decoration. When you decorate your terrace with artificial grass,

you’ll create a totally different space, full of life and naturalness.  Add some wood furniture, rattan, bamboo, natural plants, etc.  You will create a unique and relaxing space that you won’t want to leave.

  • These are all great ideas for decorating different spaces.  But today, what really concerns us is the safety and protection of both our home and the environment – the most important trend for next year. Anything that brings us comfort, safety and well-being will be welcomed in our homes.


Realturf commitment

 At Realturf not only do we care about being at the forefront in terms of quality: the safety of our products and environmental care are one of our priority goals since the beginning.

In terms of safety, our grass has the triple certificate of safety against bacteria and fire.  Our grass is as safe as a toy, as these standard states that the product can only be safe if

it’s totally free from releasing harmful substances while sucking or playing with it.  Therefore, our products can be enjoyed by the whole family, children, adults, and of course, pets.

In addition, next year we will continue to invest in sustainable measures.

  •  We aim for excellence in waste management and a commitment to zero waste. Our company already obtained the Zero Waste Certificate in 2019.  This certification verifies the traceability of the waste and the recycling percentage, and valuation or recovery of the waste in relation to the total production.
  • 100% recyclable products. The creation of eco-designed products in all its stages: conception, design, materials, production, use, durability and ease of recycling at the end of the product life, avoiding the transfer of environmental damage from one stage to the other. The certificate awarded by the CSIC (Superior Council for Scientific Research) endorses our commitment to the recyclability of our products.
  •  Ongoing Commitment ISO 14.001: Our commitment with the environment is reflected in the daily work of the ISO 14.001 standard. This standard includes environmental management applied to all professional fields and aims to standardize the production processes and services that protect the environment.


At Realturf we are committed to protect our environment with three main objectives: recycle, reuse and reduce.

 If you want to follow the latest trends, do not hesitate and bet on quality artificial grass.  Bet on Realturf!