Artificial Grass Infill And Finishing A Garden Installation

There is a great variety of artificial grass types in different heights where it’s not necessary to use any type of infill. Even though this is true, filling the artificial grass installation will always be beneficial for any type of garden.

We recommend to add a minimum of 5 kg of silica sand per square meter in garden installations.

This infill will prevent the artificial grass from shifting, although this is quite unlikely to happen, providing more stability to the installation. On the other hand, the infill will cover the base of the fibers which will protect the grass from UV rays.

Use a spreader machine to distribute the artificial grass infill. By doing this, you will make sure that the infill is spread evenly across the surface. If you spread the infill by hand with buckets, there will be uneven areas in the surface. This will leave a rough aspect, and you will also notice these uneven areas when you walk over it.

artificial grass infill

Step-by-step instructions on how to infill the artificial grass:

1. Fill the spreading machine with silica sand and begin spreading on the most appropriate place, where it allows you to move around the entire installation without overlapping any areas. It’s important to walk slowly and uniformly. Each spreading machine has a specific width, you must pay attention and not overlap the infill being spread.

2. Once you’ve spread one or two layers of infill, use a rake to spread the silica sand to that it penetrates well into the base of the hair. Make short, fast movements. If you make long movements, the silica sand can shift to unwanted areas, which will make you waste infill material that you’ll have to clean later.

Once you use the rake on the first layers, continue filling until you get the desired finishing, which will depend on the type of installation and how much it will be used. As we said before, we recommend to use 5 kg of silica sand per square meter on gardens.

The length of the fibers is also a good indicator of how much silica sand you should use. We recommend to fi fill ⅔ or ¾ of the length of the hair of the artificial grass you choose.

Currently, there are artificial grass models with two heights that require less filling with which you´ll get the same look and feel. But they will all look better with some filling.

3. Fill the edges of the installation by hand. Well finished edges will make a difference on your installation.

4. If you are using any type of stones or decoration materials on the installation, we recommend that they are placed in the installation before the filling.

5. Fill the edges slowly, using a brush to distribute the silica sand properly. The longer the brush, the better it will get the silica sand into the base.

If there are any stones, remove the hair that may have been trapped under them before with the silica sand.

This will give the impression that the fiber grows around the stones, which will give a more natural look to the installation.

Helpful finishing tips

  • We recommend to use a rake, a sweeper or a brush to lift the hair to get a perfect finish.
  • You can use a leaf blower to move the silica sand from areas that may be fuller than desired to more empty areas.
  • Remove any excess filling and clean if there are any hairs left loose.
  • If there are any hairs longer than the others, you can use sharp scissors to cut them.
  • Also check all the edges and joints, and cut any hairs with different

Note: Most of the artificial grass materials are transported in trucks in 2 to 4 meters wide by 20 to 25 meters long rolls. These rolls are extremely heavy and lifting machines are needed to move them safely from one place to another. Two well-equipped persons with gloves and back restraint can handle pieces from 7 to 8 linear meters.

Always use all the security measures indicated according to the type of installation you are doing.

 artificial grass installation

We hope you find useful all our advice in installing artificial grass.

Don’t forget, always use the highest quality artificial grass. And, when in doubt, always contact professional installers. Realturf has dedicated over 18 years to the manufacture and distribution of artificial grass of the highest quality. We have an extensive professional experience at national and international levels.

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