Five ideas to decorate your garden with artificial turf

Una buena idea para decorar tu jardín de césped artificial es utilizar mobiliario de madera.

Artificial turf offers you a lot of advantages and possibilities in every way:

  • You can install it indoor or outdoor.
  • It requires an easy and simple maintenance.
  • It allows you to decorate it in different and original ways.

At this article we put forward 5 ideas that will let your garden have a unique decoration. Let your imagination fly and make unforgettable places with artificial grass.

What kind of decoration may I put on the artificial grass?

Firstly, you should know that artificial grass fibers are very resistant, and they will not suffer any damage when you put any kind of decoration on it. Any option will be possible!!

As follows, we explain 5 ideas to decorate your garden with artificial grass:


One of the decorative elements by excellence is gravel. There is a wide range of gravels in different colors (gravel for building, gravel for decoration, etc.), with which you may make combinations and create original designs.

Furthermore, decorative gravel has a set of advantages for your artificial grass: it is very cheap, it protects from dump and it adapts to any environment. Gardens decoration with gravel is an increasingly popular option between our clients. 

Make a chill-out

Another proposal is creating chill-out areas in the gardens. It is very easy, you have just to put some furniture such as sofas with cushions, tables and chairs on the artificial grass, creating an original and relaxing area. Excellent for modern gardens!

Children elements

If you have children, a swing is a brilliant element to put in your garden. It will have a playful performance, and it will give a decorative and nice touch. You will turn your artificial grass garden in a super fun place for the little ones! Moreover, you will not have to worry about possible fall overs: the artificial grass is cushion.

Water source

Give a touch of nature and peace: put on your artificial grass a decorative water source. Besides the beautiful look, the sound of water will help you to relax even more.

Plants and trees

Natural plants and trees can not miss in any garden. Moreover, they are compatible with the artificial grass. The roots and the flowers will not be damaged at all!

If you would like to install artificial turf in your garden or if you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you.

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